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I was named the Winner of the Top 30 Australian Franchise Executive Award 2024.

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I was shocked to be announced as number 1 in the annual Franchise Executives Top 30 report.

I use to see it every year and always wonder why no one for Jim’s and our divisions ever made it.

So I thought, bugger it, I will list my achievements for the last 12 months along and our contribution and to my surprise it was enough for top spot!

I honestly couldn’t believe it.

It was in Sydney and they were kind enough to tell me prior I made the top five, however, I never thought number one. I would have been happy to be named 30 or at least someone from Jim’s Group in it.

In the top 30 there was a lot of impressive people and I felt a lot of imposter syndrome when I was number 1.

However, post the announcement I had a lot of people come up to me and told me they followed me on LinkedIn and liked all of the work I have been doing.

The reality is, it’s been a culmination of a lot of hard work since 2019 since I had the idea to use Facebook live to interview Jim and since then it’s snowballed to the franchise social media juggernaut it is today.

I was very nervous in my speech which is unlike me with public speaking, however, I was genuinely surprised and wanted to outline these following people who are just as part of the award as I am.

First of is the man Jim himself, who allows me to do what I do.

He knows it brings more franchisees, which is the simple fact why he allows me to do it.

He has been a great support over the years and we have been through a lot together since 2019, it was very pleasant to see his genuine happiness for me in the office when I showed him.

He even wants to frame it and put it in our national office, however, I don’t want to make a deal of it anymore than it already is.

The other people I need to thank are my great content creators over the years, Jake, Ben, Greg and Charles who have edited and shot all of my ideas.

I am not easy to work with and expect my team to give the same effort I do, not the hours, but the same effort and they always have.

The National staff, Franchisors and Franchisees are all a very important part of what I do and I have been lucky to have always been supported by them which is not always the case in the franchise world.

There are some seriously good humans in Jim’s.

Lastly, my fiance.

Who is my far far far better half and has supported me greatly since we met.

There was so many times when I wanted to give up due to various challenges since 2019 and she kept me pushing through it.

I am glad I did and this is as much acknowledgement for her as well as me.

You may be reading this thinking how can I be in the list next year?

Simple, search for franchise executives and sign up for the report and submit your entry.

There are so many quality people in Jim’s and I feel a lot of our franchisors and other staff could make the 30.

You can read my interview below or head to their website and download the report.

Why did we win the number one spot and I mean we, as it’s a team effort.

First, it’s due my transparent and authentic video/social media approach.

We produce a large volume of franchising content that covers so many aspects of what we do in the hope to build trust.

I also believe our YouTube is the best in the franchising industry in Australia in terms of information, we literally upload multiple videos everyday and have more than 2,000 on their all about different aspects of Jim’s.

I have always looked at content from outside franchising as it tends to be the same formula for enquiry material.

I look at sporting clubs and other YouTube creators for ideas on how we can apply that to our Jim’s brand.

I also really don’t believe in the over polished and produced franchise video testimonial, people can see through these now and want long-form content.

It may seem a bit braggy posting this, however, I am proud of what I have done with Jim’s since 2019 in our marketing and the people involved.

We don’t socialise much with other systems so to hear genuine praise from other brands for what we do was quite a thrill.

It’s always a team effort and ours was, I am just glad that we are represented at the number 1 spot.

It’s also nice to have something to show for my work and believe me their has been a lot of very trying times since 2019 that I had to push through and still managed to deliver what I have, I am very proud of that.

Even if I get the sack tomorrow by Jim (you never know) I will always have this to hold my hat on.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved over the years to making it happen.

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