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Revamping Digital Strategies: Jim’s Group CDO/CMO on Enhancing the Online Footprint of Australia’s Leading Franchise Network

In our ongoing series exploring the driving forces behind Australia’s leading marketers, we delve into Jim’s Group, the nation’s largest franchise network, boasting over 4,300 franchisees across more than 45 divisions. The company experienced a surge in demand in 2021, resulting in over 320,000 unserviced leads.

We sat down with Joel Kleber, Jim’s Group Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, to discuss the pandemic’s role in skyrocketing demand, the effectiveness of social media campaigns, and the company’s approach to staying ahead of industry trends.

Career Path & Professional Background Joel’s journey in marketing began in 2019 when he noticed the company’s underwhelming social media presence. After taking the initiative to improve the accounts, Jim was impressed with the positive response and quickly promoted Joel to marketing manager.

Before his marketing role, Joel worked part-time as a law clerk while studying law and commerce, eventually founding Jim’s Insurance and managing the company’s documents and legal department before assuming his current CDO/CMO position.

When asked about an alternate career path, Joel revealed that he would have likely pursued a Jim’s franchise, citing the attractive lifestyle and lucrative earning potential.

Joel Kleber - CMO for Jim's Group

CMO/CDO Role at Jim’s Group Joel credits much of the company’s growth since 2019 to a strong social media presence and the creation of thousands of transparent videos showcasing their franchise system. Surveys of new franchisees consistently highlight the influence of these videos and social media content in their decision to join Jim’s Group.

Rather than struggling with B2B leads, the company’s primary challenge lies in not having enough franchisees to meet the overwhelming demand for their services.

Marketing & Industry Trends COVID-19 has positively impacted the franchise network, with the “great resignation” and heightened demand for their services making Jim’s Group an appealing option for many individuals.

One of the most exciting innovations in their field is the use of short-form content on platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Meta Reels. This approach has successfully generated franchise sales and increased awareness at the top of the sales funnel.

Their transparent social media content and encouraging franchisees to manage their own social pages have been instrumental in the company’s success. One example is a pool care franchisee who has become a TikTok influencer, amassing over 200,000 followers and 150 million views.

Looking ahead, Joel believes that the industry’s biggest challenge is getting senior management and boards to understand the value of regular video content and investment in social media, as well as providing concrete ROI based on marketing activities.

Tools, Recommendations & Sources of Inspiration Joel’s typical day can vary greatly, from interviewing prospective franchisees to creating content with his internal videographer/editor and working with multiple agencies overseeing SEO, PPC, and EDMs. He even has a hand in developing “Jim Coin,” the company’s own cryptocurrency.

He draws inspiration from sports teams’ digital departments, consistently creating unique behind-the-scenes content. Slack is an indispensable tool for managing his teams, and he recommends resources such as Digital Marketer, Social Media Examiner, and Marketing Week with Mark Ritson to others in his field.

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