Jim’s Group Franchisee Training (Social Media & AI Session)

Thanks for listening to my session, you can find below a list of different software mentioned with some other useful information.

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Copy of the slides

Copy of Updated Copy of Jim’s Group – Social Media & AI by Joel Kleber

Chat GPT

Sign up viaOpenAI

You can see if you like it with the free version, however, for $20 a month you can upgrade to paid version which provides better output.

There are alternatives like Google Bard and Claude which have different pro’s and cons.

They are Large Language Models (LLM’s) so in practice to the same thing but trained on different data sets.

The App for iPhone and Android looks like the below, don’t fall for the imitations.

Or links below to take you directly to each one:

iPhone usershttps://apps.apple.com/us/app/chatgpt/id6448311069

Android usershttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.openai.chatgpt&hl=en&gl=US

Canva for Content Creation

You can create an account via – https://www.canva.com/

Great Aussie start-up and you can do a lot on the free version.

Meta Business Suite

This app gives you a way to manage your business profiles for Instagram and Facebook.

I wouldn’t recommend downloading until you have the facebook business page and instagram profile setup.

When ready search for ‘Meta Business Suite’ in the Appstore

More information available on https://www.facebook.com/business/tools/meta-business-suite

Video introduction on Chat GPT

What is a prompt?

A Prompt is basically a command/query you can provide to Chat GPT or any AI LLM to give you an output.



The more detailed the prompt you provide will give you a better chance at receiving the response you need. It can’t read your mind (yet………)

If you need some ideas around crafting prompts you can literally go to google and type in “prompts for marketing” or “best prompts for small business” and you will see a lot of great examples online.


You can ask Chat GPT?

There is also a mountain of videos about ‘prompting’ and ‘prompt engineering online’ that can be overwhelming.

Examples of Effective and Ineffective ChatGPT Prompts

To better understand the principles of crafting effective prompts, let’s take a look at some examples of both effective and ineffective prompts.

Effective ChatGPT prompts:

  1. “What are the top 5 tourist attractions in New York City?”
  2. “Can you explain the concept of blockchain in simple terms?”

Ineffective ChatGPT prompts:

  1. “Tell me everything you know about science.”
  2. “What is the meaning of life?”

By comparing these examples, you can get a sense of the principles of crafting effective ChatGPT prompts.

The best thing to do, is just start playing around with it, Here are some basic prompts you may want to use to help you get started.

Basic Ideas to Try

Assign it a role

You will take the role of a {insert role}, please assist me with {insert task}

Ask it to improve your writing

Use Chat GPT to improve emails or any writing, by copying your writing into Chat GPT and asking it for feedback. You can ask it to improve the email itself for details or provide more clarity etc

Make it the expert

Tell ChatGPT, you’re an expert in {insert speciality} help me with {task}

Simplifying complex subjects

Hey ChatGPT. I want to learn about (insert specific topic). Explain (insert specific topic) in simple terms. Explain to me like I’m 8 years old.

Take advantage of expert consulting

Prompt: I will provide you with an argument or opinion of mine. I want you to criticise it as if you were <person>

Person: (insert expert name)

Argument: (insert desired topic)

Make ChatGPT write like you

Prompt: [Insert Text]

Write about (insert text topic) as the above author would write.

Learn more at https://learnprompting.org/docs/basics/prompting

Example of some tasks you can use it for in your franchise

  • Email to existing customers promoting a special/service/reminder to book etc
  • Marketing Plan for your franchise
  • Social Media Captions
  • Debt Collection Email Template
  • Respond to Emails
  • Video Ideas for Content Creation
  • Improve your writing and ask it for feedback on your writing
  • Newsletter to your customer base
  • Draft emails
  • If you have customers whose first language isn’t English, you could ask it to translate it into the customers language
  • Create a common FAQ’s for customers regarding your services
  • Ideas on how I can market my business
  • Read this email or text and provide me with a brief summary

There is a lot more you can, however, when you’re a franchisee look at what you’re doing daily and see if you can us Chat GPT or an alternative to make that task easier.

It’s a tool that is designed to save you time, think about the time you will spend writing emails or other tasks and add it up for the week. You will shocked about the amount of time you spend with tasks that you can use Chat GPT for.

PRO TIP: Always make sure you fact check the output!

A couple of example prompts and outputs

Email to customers promoting a service or special

You own your customers email and phone number, you’re allowed to market to them directly with a customer newsletter.

A great source of extra work as you already have a relationship and your customer may not know that you can provide that service.

You will come up with a lot better prompts, however, the below is an example you can use.

Remember, the more specific details you can provide, the better the output.

If you’re not happy with the output, tell Chat GPT what you don’t like about it and it will correct it.

Example Prompt – Create an email that I can send to my existing customers promoting my {insert service} special that expires this month. Build in urgency into the email encourage responses to the email, my number is {insert mobile}


Social Media Captions

Social Media platforms are starting to value the caption more and becoming search engines themselves in that people may go to TikTok for example and search for ‘how to mow the lawn?’ and find videos that way as opposed to google.

To help the social media platform know what your content is, adding a detailed caption helps with different keywords you want to appear for. In saying that, nothing wrong with a simple one-liner with a call to action at the end.

Example Prompt: I am a Jim’s Dog Wash franchise owner, create me 10 social media captions with appropriate hashtags that I can use for my social media posts. Please use emojis as well and list services.

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Extra Resources Non-Jim’s That Will Teach Your More Than Any Course

Intro to LLM’s with Andrej Karparthy (Co-Founder Open AI, Tesla AI etc)