List of software I use and recommend

I often get asked about what tools I use, so here is a list of what I use for various different areas of my work and side hustles. 

Lot's of these have free trials, so I recommend signing up to a bunch and watch my video reviews first before purchasing to show you an overview of how I use it and how it will be valuable to you. 

AI Tools


Does it really need an introduction? 

The paid version is great value. 

Opus Clip

My favourite software in 2023, Opus Clip is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos into shorts in one click. Powered by Chat GPT-4 it makes my life easier and I can create 30 short from clips for social in less than 15 minutes for next to nothing cost. 

Koala Writer

Koala Writer

Great, simple AI content writing tool that has a cheap monthly subscription available with the output being pretty decent. Watch my video review

Swell AI

This is a podcast AI writer and does absolutely everything you need for a podcast from notes, titles to ready to post blogs! 

It also now has a video tool as well, I use this for my podcast and the Jim's Podcasts for the written content. 

Well worth it and will save you time! 

Content Creation  

Post a video once and have it go across all platforms which actually works! I love this tool! 

I use this to manage all of my posting and scheduling. 

Outsourcing and VA's


I have 3 hires from this site that are still with me to this day who help with video editing, managing my niche sites and other tasks. 

Lot's of great people on here that are highly skilled and easy to work with. Worth a try! 

Email Software 

Sendinblue now Brevo 

I use this for my niche sites email lists, I have found it very easy to use and very easy to setup automations. 


I use this for my personal letter and it's an absolute beast! 

This is for anyone seriously wanting to grow a newsletter business, I am experimenting currently with it with my niche sites.

An amazing platform that I belive will be bigger than ConverKit soon. 

Podcast Host 


All my podcasts are hosted with this, very reliable and an indutry standard for a reason! 



All my websites are with Cloudways and their support is top notch and very patient!