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Rethinking the Franchising Code with Jim’s Group CEO, Jim Penman and Joel Kleber


In a revealing interview, Jim’s Group CEO, Jim Penman, a key figure in the franchising industry, offers a critical analysis of the current Australian franchising code. His insights shed light on the shortcomings of the existing system and propose significant reforms to enhance protection for franchisees. This article delves into the crucial points raised during the discussion, highlighting the urgent need for change in the franchising sector.

The Inadequacy of the Current Australian Franchising Code

Jim unequivocally criticizes the existing franchising code, describing it as almost entirely ineffective. He points out that the code, in its current state, fails to prevent exploitation and rip-offs within the industry. The need for a more robust and effective system is evident from his assessment.

Proposed Revisions to Contract Review Process

A key suggestion from Jim involves the revision of the franchise contract review process. He proposes moving away from general lawyers, who often lack franchising expertise, to specialists knowledgeable about franchising agreements. These experts could provide clear, concise summaries of contracts, making them more accessible and understandable for potential franchisees.

The Problem with Disclosure Documents

Jim highlights a significant issue with the complexity of disclosure documents, which are rarely read or comprehended by franchisees. He notes that critical information is often hidden in the fine print, putting franchisees at a disadvantage and making the documents more beneficial for unscrupulous franchisors.

Importance of Franchisee Surveys

Advocating for transparency and accountability, Jim suggests an annual anonymous survey of franchisees. This survey would cover essential aspects of their experience with the franchisor, with the results being publicly available. Such a practice would contribute to better franchisor behaviour and industry standards.

Government’s Role in Franchising Reform

Jim expresses frustration over the government’s lack of effective action in reforming the franchising sector. Despite numerous reviews and recommendations, significant changes to protect franchisees have not been implemented, indicating a disconnect between policy-making and industry realities.

Equal Protection Across Franchises

Emphasizing fairness, Jim argues that all franchise investors, regardless of the size of their investment, deserve equal treatment and protection. This stance challenges the current system, which often favours larger franchises and neglects the needs of smaller investors.

Guidance for Potential Franchisees

For those considering franchising opportunities, Jim advises thorough research, including direct conversations with current franchisees. This approach provides an authentic understanding of the franchise. He also encourages advocacy for better franchisee protection through political engagement.

The Lack of Small Business Advocacy

The interview touches on the absence of a strong lobbying presence for small businesses in franchising. This lack of representation contributes to a regulatory environment that favours larger corporations over the interests of small business owners and franchisees.


Jim’s insights into the franchising industry reveal a landscape in need of significant reform. His call for a more fair, transparent, and accountable franchising code resonates with the need to protect investors across the spectrum. As the franchising sector continues to evolve, these suggested reforms could pave the way for a more equitable and sustainable industry, benefiting franchisees and fostering a healthier business environment.

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