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Jim’s Group launches Jim’s Beauty!


Jim’s Beauty is real and was in the national news all last week!

It’s been our best new division launch and it came off the back of a pretty average TikTok video to be honest using my social media post on our Jim’s Group page, see below.

However, this TikTok video gained more than 1.4 million views in a day and due to that it caught the attention of journalists who now use TikTok as a source for stories that are click-worthy!

We had a massive influencer with more than 1 million followers do a video and even supermodel Megan Gale commented on the post!

I was checking and had to offer her an ambassador partnership for Jim’s Beauty, however, I am still waiting for her to reply.


Did people think it was a joke originally? Yes, they were.

People can’t get over the fact that our logo would be doing Jim’s Beauty.

However, once people learnt it was real the division had over 40 franchise enquiries and 400 job requests in less than 2 days!

I even got Jim onto the Today show and we got him to announce we would be giving away the first 10 franchises for free!

Jim on the Today Show

The producers wanted Jim to wear the uniform, however, the viral nature of this took us by surprise so I had nothing ready.

I had to go down to the local KMart and buy an $8 women’s size 8 pink T-shirt for Jim to wear to keep the spot and the producers at the Today show happy.

It was also a real kick to see they used our short-form video on National TV!

Now, how will this division actually work?

The Division is headed up by one of our Jim’s Laundry Services franchisors, who has been doing a great job and has 30 franchisees under his banner.

With the division, the gap they want to fill is making it very affordable for someone to own a beauty franchise instead of the six figures that are generally required.

Watch the video below to hear how the division will work.

The best launch we have had of a Jim’s Division

I wish I could claim that I was the genius behind this, however, the true genius was the TikTok creators who were taking the piss a bit out of it, however, due to this and the viral videos it gained us more PR than we could have traditionally.

I have learnt from my time that to get PR you always need some sort of extreme angle that the media outlets know will generate clicks and socials online.

Jim’s Group/Jim’s Mowing launching Jim’s Beauty was the only angle we needed.

All the journalists jumped on it and once the TikTok videos took off, so did the news story!

The Division as of today’s date, has 8 franchisees now and is off to a great start!

Check them out at https://jimsbeauty.net.au/

My Interview with the founder of Jim’s Beauty below

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