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Jim’s Group Marketing Insights in 2024

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I was invited at the end of last year to speak to various marketing agencies about what the Jim’s Group does by way of marketing strategies and in 2024 what we will be implementing.

Full video of the Q & A below.

Source: Joel Kleber YouTube
  1. Business Strategy Adaptation:
    • The company has adapted its strategies to cater to both B2B and B2C segments.
    • Recent trends have led to a focus on creating new ways to generate customers due to changes in consumer behavior influenced by interest rates.
  2. Franchising Trends and Growth:
    • Despite low unemployment rates, the franchise side of the business is growing more than ever.
    • The growth is attributed to strategic marketing efforts implemented over the past five years.
  3. Marketing and Customer Acquisition:
    • Shift from heavy reliance on Google Ads and PPC to creative strategies like allowing franchisees to post in local Facebook groups.
    • Emphasis on generating B2C leads creatively and organically.
  4. Franchisee Empowerment:
    • Encourages franchisees to create their own content, including social media reels and TikTok accounts.
    • This approach differs from many other franchises and has resulted in significant growth and engagement.
  5. Digital Presence and Content Strategy:
    • Focusing on enhancing the brand’s digital presence through platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.
    • Utilizing user-generated content (UGC) to promote the brand and attract potential franchisees.
  6. Transparency and Brand Image:
    • Aims to increase transparency in franchising to counteract negative industry stereotypes.
    • Utilizes digital media to showcase the realities of the franchising business and its benefits.
  7. Scaling Content Across Divisions:
    • Plans to replicate successful strategies across its various divisions.
    • Focus on cost-effective content creation to enhance the digital footprint of less-known divisions.
  8. Investment in Digital Media:
    • Significant growth in the franchise count attributed to investment in digital media and content.
    • Strategy includes live Q&A sessions, podcasts, and leveraging Jim’s personal brand.
  9. Customer Experience and Insurance:
    • Ensures all franchisees are fully insured and police checked for customer safety and trust.
    • Launched an internal insurance brokerage to manage this aspect effectively.
  10. B2B and B2C Synergy:
  • The business generates significant ad revenue and encourages franchises to invest in their marketing.
  • A portion of the revenue is reinvested in franchise benefits, contributing to the overall growth of the brand.

Big times ahead for Jim’s in 2024!

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I went from foster care to the CMO for Australia's largest franchise, the Jim's Group. I share my knowledge that helped us grow to 5,300 franchisees with various content marketing and other strategies. I personally manage multiple Jim's brands and do the actual work, not just delegate. I also have multiple online websites where I am currently building online revenue sources.

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