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Franchise Marketing: How ‘Day on the Road’ Videos Boost Jim’s Group Franchise Sales

Joel Kleber and Matt Thorp


Rather than using Chat GPT to come up with a catchy H1 title with an appropriate bunch of sub-headings that don’t really say much, I am just going to provide you with my video examples that have generated multiple franchise sales since 2019.

The best form of video that gives true insight into owning a franchise is a video type we call ‘day on the road’ where we follow a franchisee around for a full day and condense it into a 45 – 60 minute video online.

This works well for home services franchises and if you had a site-based franchise, you could do the same thing but just adjust it to suit the actual work day of the franchise owner.

Why is a day-on-the-road video a good idea for franchise marketing?

Simple, if someone is investing their life savings generally with you they are going to want as much GENUINE and AUTHENTIC information as possible.

Lots of franchises hide behind out-of-date info packs or give hardly any detail online and rely on their business development managers to close deals, I think this is completely wrong and outdated.

It’s outdated because we are consuming more online content than ever and the opportunity to put out as much media as possible has never been greater.

People respond better to video, it’s really that simple.

People will invest 30 minutes or a lot more into watching your content as they are putting a significant amount of money online and people are generally overly put off by ultra slick highly edited franchise testimonials.

It’s why I love a VLOG style or behind-the-scenes feel as you get a far better response from the franchisee in terms of the information they provide long with a more genuine look and feel to the content.

A ‘day on the road’ video is a no-brainer for a home services franchise, but how many do you see online besides ours at the Jim’s Group? The answer is pretty much zero or none that I have seen.

Others’ loss, is our gain.

In every training we have every 3 weeks I always ask ‘Who watched a video before coming to training?’ and every time someone refers to the day on the road videos even if it’s not for their chosen service division.

It works, so enough with the humble brag and a brief insight into why it works, check some out below.

First ‘Day on the Road’ with Matt from Jim’s Mowing’

Filmed in 2019, has generated multiple sales for Jim’s Mowing

The Power of Real-Life Storytelling

In the realm of franchise marketing, the ability to create a genuine connection with potential franchisees is paramount. ‘Day on the Road’ does precisely that.

By providing an unscripted, real-life look into the day-to-day operations of our franchisees, these videos offer a level of authenticity that scripted ads simply can’t match. It’s storytelling that resonates, builds trust, and breaks down the barriers of scepticism.

Educational Value and Transparency

Each episode serves as an educational tool, offering deep insights into the franchise experience. This transparency addresses common questions and concerns upfront, helping prospects make informed decisions.

By openly sharing the inner workings of our franchise operations, we build a foundation of trust and credibility, which are vital in the franchise acquisition process.

Enhanced Engagement and Reach

Video content, especially of this length and depth, garners more engagement and has a broader reach than traditional marketing materials.

‘Day on the Road’ provides an immersive experience, one that can be shared across various digital platforms, increasing our visibility and attracting a wider audience of potential franchisees.

Emotional Connection and Brand Loyalty

There’s a unique emotional connection that forms when viewers spend an hour witnessing the journey of our franchisees.

This connection fosters a sense of belonging and loyalty even before a franchise agreement is signed. Prospective franchisees don’t just see a business opportunity; they see a community they want to be a part of.

Mass Content Creation for Short-Form Content

Of this day on the roads, there are so many pieces of short-form content that we can create and distribute on multiple social media channels to get people back into watching the longer pieces.

Some of these clips have had 100k plus views and are a good testing ground for us to see what people are interested in when it comes to being a franchisee.


‘Day on the Road’ is more than a marketing initiative; it’s a testament to the strength and authenticity of the Jim’s Group franchise experience.

As we continue to roll out these episodes, we are not just sharing stories; we are inviting potential franchisees to become a part of something truly special.

This strategic approach to storytelling is transforming how we connect with our audience and, ultimately, how we drive franchise sales.

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